Sunday, 9 July 2006

The Trip Here ... Joburg to London

After what seems like forever, I am finally leaving for Toronto!

My departure gate was damn far from the main departure hall... in fact I'm pretty sure I walked all the way through to the back of the domestic section of Joburg International. The plane took off almost an hour late. We had some "missing" passengers and one who was denied boarding. The airlines are getting so strict in enforcing visa checks - a Malawian gentleman who did not have a visa to transit the UK to Germany was prevented from flying. So due to security policies, we had to wait until they could locate the passengers' luggage and take them off the plane.

The plane was a Boeing 747-400 and my seat was upstairs... somewhere I've never been on a plane before. *Really* great for me, as I had a window seat in the last row and therefore a nice ledge to put my stuff and of course, stretch out my legs fully!! Yes, it's great to be not so tall ;) The only issue was that my personal TV screen wasn't working, but I was so tired that I just ate dinner and passed out till breakfast the next morning.

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