Wednesday, 26 July 2006

Shopper's Paradise... with banking to support you

Stores are usually open until 21h00 during the week. I wonder how much later they will stay open during Christmas shopping periods?!
Sales are true sales here... up to 75% off.
24 hour stores allow for late night grocery shopping... woohooo.

Standard business hours:

Certain banks are open late here, till 20h00.

As a South African, the most amazing thing is that there are no bullet-proof glass windows separating you and the teller! No heavily-armed security guards patrolling the entrances, no double-door entry system either.

In fact, security at the movie theatres is more hectic than at the banks!

Speaking of movies... it is *really* expensive to go to movies here. Especially compared to Discovery Vitality R14 movies ;)
$10.95 + tax = R77 a ticket!! After R14 Discovery Vitality movies, I feel ripped off.
DVD's here cost $24 (R169). No brainer. Hell, with high-speed Internet access, no wonder there's a piracy problem...

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  1. I'm surprised you weren't detained for questioning by the police for taking that snapshot of the bank! It looks like you were scoping out the joint!