Monday, 17 July 2006

Toronto Drivers

So... some Canadian road/ driving/ traffic terms I've noticed:
You all know this one - robots are called traffic lights;
And pavements are called sidewalks.
Highways are called parkways
So... you drive on a parkway and park on a driveway?!

There are traffic cameras everywhere, and electronic signboards to tell you where traffic delays are. Heck, there are TV channels dedicated to traffic reporting...
Peak traffic is mild compared to Joburg, though traffic reporters will tell you that there are major delays... JA RIGHT... a major delay being more than 10 mintes than usual. That being said, it is summer and apparently many people are away, so I guess we'll see what happens come September.

This is traffic to go on to the Don Valley Parkway at 18h00:

Notice that cars here drive with their headlights on at all hours.

Petrol err sorry, gas stations are self-service and petrol/ gas price varies from day-to-day, in fact, from morning to evening and weekdays to weekends.

Cars really do stop for pedestrians here... yes pedestrians actually have right of way. Sometimes I feel guilty walking across the road or driveway with a car patiently waiting for me!

The average vehicle here is HUGE... SUV's galore.

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