Monday, 10 July 2006

Second Leg - London to Toronto

We got to London on schedule (6h30 July 10), but then spent a bit of time in a holding pattern before we could actually land. And... as usual the most tedious part was waiting to clear customs and security. Sigh.

Bit the bullet and bought a return ticket on the Heathrow Express for GBP 27. Met up with my friend Nadia and had a bit of a chat. Dashed back to Heathrow in good time for my flight... and promptly waited. We sat on the plane for a good hour before taking off... apparently there had been some sort of delay earlier, and there was a queue of planes waiting to
take off. I counted 7 planes taking off before us, and saw another 5 behind us. Yup... Heathrow is one busy airport.

Air Canada's planes are older than SAA's ones and there were no personal screens this time. Once again though, I managed to get in some sleep (to make up for the week of 19 hour days spent franctically packing).

Anyway, landed at Pearson International about half an hour late. There had been a hectic storm, delaying many flights.
Luggage took a long while to come out, as they had to switch off the conveyor machines due to the lightning. How rude... you need a $2 coin to get a trolley. Argh. You can of course use a credit card, but for what is essentially R12?! Me with my two 30kg+ bags definitely needed one... and thanks to the kindness of a Canadian gent I met at the conveyor, I managed to "borrow" a "toonie" and get one. Whew.

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