Sunday, 28 September 2014

Day 3 - Tracy Arm: Morning activities

Day 3 and we're now familiar with the ship. Off to our favourite breakfast buffet at the Beach Blanket. They had the usual fare, but Mickey waffles were featured today! DH and I did not eat much as we had our Palo brunch reservation later that morning.

Wake Up with Disney Junior

After breakfast, we decided to check out the "Wake Up with Disney Junior" activity in Studio Sea. Basically it's a dance party. A crew member leads the kids on to the dance floor to move and groove to music that is mostly kid-oriented (the hokey pokey, anyone?) or the theme from a Disney Junior show. These included Sofia the First, Jake and the Neverland Pirates and of course, the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song and the Hot Dog dance.

Wake up with Disney Junior

I'd post some of the video we took, but it's too embarrassing - I don't want to subject you to watching me doing the hokey pokey...

Golden Mickey at Studio Sea

Character Meets

 Meeting Cinderella outside the Walt Disney Theatre.

  Cinderella  Cinderella


Palo Brunch

DH dropped off DD2 at Flounder's nursery, whilst I checked in DD1 at Oceaneer's Club, then we headed up to Palo.

We were greeted by a server who offered us a complementary mimosa before seating us. He then proceeded to walk us through the buffet, explaining what was available. The food was excellent - a buffet with tons of options (in tiny portion sizes, so you really can sample them all), including bread, seafood, salad, desserts (sweet and savoury). There were entrees that you could order as well.

Unfortunately, after about an hour, we received a text message on our Wave phones, saying that DD1 was requesting to be pick up from Oceaneer's Club. DH went to find out what the problem was - she was upset and would not stay at Oceaneer's, so DH brought her up to the Palo reception. I could not get her to tell us what the problem was either, so we chalked it up to tiredness. We left Palo early and went back to our room for a break.

A bit more about the Wave phones:

'These are portable cordless phones that are provided for you to keep in contact with the crew and friends/ family whilst onboard, since you either cannot get cell reception or if you do, it'll cost you an arm and a leg to use. You can use it to call or text any onboard stateroom, service (housekeeping, etc) or club (Flounder's, Studio Sea, etc).

The Wave phones themselves are basically ridiculously old technology cellphones, heavy and unwieldy to carry - in fact, reminiscent of my very first cellphone, the Nokia 2110 in shape and use (though if I recall correctly, it is a Philips device). They have a clip, but it's not very secure, and there's no 'lock', so we probably pocket dialed various numbers quite a bit. The text functionality, which we found the most useful, was painful - oh how spoiled we are, there was no predictive text. Just old-school "press '2' three times to type the letter 'c'". I'd say if you're technically challenged, you might even find it difficult to use.

Of course, if you lose a phone (there are two in your stateroom), you're on the hook to replace them, so be careful with them. Gosh, I really loved my smartphone that much more after using these Wave phones!

Next - viewing Tracy Arm from the deck.

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