Friday, 12 September 2014

Day 1 - Sail Away Party and Dinner

Our luggage had not yet arrived - whilst the kids watched the Disney Junior channel on the TV, I unpacked the stuff we had in our carry-on bag (I always pack toothbrushes and a full set of clothes for everyone,  just in case our luggage gets lost/ doesn't make it on time to our destination).

I fired up the Disney Cruise app and signed up for the free 50Mb Internet access. I could not stomach the idea of paying the ridiculous fees, so I'd just have to use those 50Mb sparingly for our entire cruise!

Safety Drill
We went to explore further before the mandatory safety drill at 4 pm. It was a lovely sunny day with clear skies.

Bench on deck 3
For the safety drill, we had to gather at our lifeboat station (ours was "K", as indicated on our KttW cards). We made our way there and had our cards scanned to 'check in'. The drill was very similar to the airplane demonstration, the crew showed how to use the life vests, and the ship's horn sounded the emergency signal so we'd know what it sounds like (yes, it's loud).

It was pretty tedious for us - DD2 was now over-tired, DD1 was hyped up and wouldn't stand still. Once the drill was over, the crew allowed us to leave first (since we had a young child, others with mobility aids were also allowed to head out first), so we went back inside, but still a little unsure of what to do.

Sail Away Party
We decided to head up to deck 9 and 10 since that's where the pools, restaurants and other activities are. We saw the kids' pool, empty for the time being, as were the decks.

Mickey's kids' pool

A crew member handed the kids some streamers as we went to find Goofy's pool where the Sail Away party was going to be held.

Deck 10 overlooking Goofy's pool Deck 10 overlooking Goofy's pool

Finally we came to Goofy's Pool which was covered to make space for the Sail Away party - people were starting to gather for the party!
Goofy's Pool
Ready for the Sail Away party

Peter, the cruise director did a countdown and Mickey and friends started the party!

The Youth Activities director came on and asked the kids to come up and dance.

At the end a bunch of streamers were dropped down on us - the kids had lots of fun gathering it up afterwards.

Sail Away after PartyRunning around after the Sail Away PartyFirst selfie of the cruise on my fancy new camera phone

Dinner in Parrot Cay

After the Sail Away party, we headed back to our stateroom to change for dinner. As per the Personal Navigator, the dress code was "Cruise Casual".

Disney has a dinner rotation in place, meaning that each night your party is assigned one of the three sit down restaurants on the ship. You have a table number and three crew members (1 host and 2 servers) that follow you - so the same people serve you and have a change to get to know you and your family's preferences.

Our first restaurant was Parrot Cay, where we had our lunch. Our table was in a corner right by a large porthole. It was a bit disconcerting at first, as we had yet to accustom to the ship's movement - but thankfully no one was actually seasick. In fact, I don't think the kids noticed at all. DH and I had to avoid looking directly out the porthole :)

Mickey high chair

DD2 had a high chair all ready for her - very cute, with a Mickey on the back of the seat. DD1 had a booster on the chair.

We met our servers, Bojan and Levy, who gave us a rundown of how the dinner rotations worked, then took our orders. Our main server, Bojan is from Croatia, and our assistant server, Levy, is South African. (South African crew member count is now 2!)

The ship's photographer came around and took some photos.
Dinner at Parrot CayDinner at Parrot Cay

The food was fantastic (though honestly I barely remember what we ordered, and besides we're not that picky). There is a separate kid's menu - and they have a cup of crayons on the table, and the kid's menu is a colouring/ activity sheet. DD1 was actually kept quite occupied for at least half an hour by these sheets each night! 

Come dessert time, we ordered the Mickey ice cream bars, which the kids loved, though neither of them actually finished theirs.

Mickey Ice Cream bar Mickey Ice Cream bar

Our dessert came with a Mickey chocolate on it!
Mickey everywhere!

The kids were very tired by dinner-time on the ship so we headed back to our stateroom for bed. It was a long and busy day!

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