Thursday, 9 October 2014

Day 3 - Tracy Arm: the Alaskan shoreline a sight to behold

Note: this post is extremely picture-heavy, and may take a while to load.

Cruising in Tracy Arm
Tracy Arm is a fjord with fantastic views of a glacier. The ship cruised very slowly up through the fjord and back, which took the entire day.

After lunch, we got kitted up with our hats, mittens, scarves and jackets and wandered around on Deck 9 and 10. It was pretty busy on the decks with people milling around taking photos and just taking in the spectacular views. We were very lucky to have a clear, sunny day with no rain whatsoever. It was a bit chilly up on the decks though, due to the wind.

The water was brilliantly blue, the mountain tops green - such beautiful scenery, words don't do justice, so here are a few of the many photos we took.

IMG_4944   IMG_4945  IMG_4946  IMG_4947     IMG_4948    IMG_4949  IMG_4951        IMG_4954    IMG_4955    IMG_4956    IMG_4957    IMG_4960    IMG_4963    IMG_4972    IMG_4974     IMG_4976 

The kids were a bit bored, so we had scavenged some extra desserts from the Beach Blanket Buffet (blue Jell-o cups!) and then they ran around

IMG_4965    IMG_4979    IMG_4980    IMG_4991    IMG_5010 

Once again, we took every opportunity to get in front of a ship's photographer.DWD-140820-TracyArm8x10-14515689 


Icebergs of all sizes
IMG_4986  IMG_4987  IMG_4996  IMG_5001  IMG_5003  IMG_5004  IMG_5005  IMG_5006  IMG_5008

View of the Sawyer glacier at the end of the fjord

 By this point, DD2 was exhausted and finally fell asleep. We were at the forward (head) of the ship, at which point the ship turned around to go back out to sea.
As you can see, DH found the weather 'pleasant' and ditched the jacket in favour of just a t-shirt.

IMG_5013  DWD-200418-TracyArm8x10-14514843  DWD-200418-TracyArm8x10-14514861  DWD-200418-TracyArm8x10-14514863  IMG_5014  IMG_5016  IMG_5017  IMG_5020 IMG_5025

Seals enjoying the iceberg chunks of the glacier that have "calved " into the water.IMG_5027 IMG_5028  IMG_5030    IMG_5034    IMG_5042   IMG_5045    IMG_5047    IMG_5056 

Next: the afternoon and evening's activities onboard.

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