Thursday, 10 May 2007

A Roof Over Our Head

Our home is coming along nicely - we now have a 'roof', and the framing is basically done.
Last week we went to select tiles, carpet, cabinets, fixtures, etc.

The selection is underwhelming to say the least. For paint colour, you can choose white, grey-white, pink-white or beige-white. Wow. For tiles and carpets, they all start to look the same after staring at them for a while. It was also really difficult to select based on a single tile.
The standard (read: basic) bathroom and kitchen tap fixtures are, as far as we're concerned, the best. The upgrades are just 'ugly' or 'fussy' - guess this works out for us, so we don't have to cough up any extra money, and we can change them later on our own.

Where we did upgrade - changing our upstairs hallway to hardwood flooring, upgrading to a thicker underpad for the carpeting in the rooms, a frameless shower in the ensuite and the kitchen cabinets.

Here are some pics of the progress thus far. We will go out again this weekend to see what's changed.

Front of the house (left hand side of the house on the corner):

Side of the house
Back of the house (right hand side is the kitchen window and sliding door)


Stairs from upstairs to main floor
View of neighbours across the road

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