Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Living in a Freezer

So it's been a while since I've sent any updates. I could blame the cold weather or work - not sure which is the bigger evil :P

It's been pretty darn cold - temperatures going down to -28C with wind chill. The City of Toronto has been issuing extreme weather alerts for the cold - this happens when there is a forecast of -15C without the wind chill factor. In fact, I think it's warmer inside my freezer than it has been outside for the past few weeks. Ironic, since I see that the SA Weather Service has done likewise, for high temperatures. I guess you just can't win. However, I think it's probably easier to get indoors and wrap up and stay warm than it is to find aircon and relief from sweltering heat. You can always put more clothes on, and yes I've never before worn so much of my clothes all at once!

The weatherman reported last night that there have been 31 consecutive days below freezing temperatures. It's the longest cold snap since 1985 but not a record. The average temperature for the past 31 days has been -9.9C! While this sounds horrific, it's actually not been bad at all. I must say, after the temperatures drop past -5C, cold is just cold. It then becomes a matter of how long you can stay outdoors before you lose feeling of your nose!

Clearly I am getting used to the cold weather here though. Today's high temperature is 4C and I think it's "warm" :P So while we had a late start to Winter, when it did arrive, it did so with a vengeance. I have to say, I'd rather it be very cold for a concentrated period of time, than have temperatures see-saw between "cold" and "mild" for an extended period.

On the work front, things are steady - I've settled in and passed my three month 'probationary' period. From what I can tell, this means I now have "dental" (benefits) and am considered less of a credit risk to credit card companies and other lenders :P

With my US visa now sorted out, I'll be heading down to Horsham (near Philadelphia), Pennsylvania to meet with colleagues in the US office, and then in a couple of months to New Delhi to meet colleagues in our India office.

I'll keep you posted on the upcoming weather and travels ;)

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  1. Agreed, cold weather is better but -19 is a bit much.
    Keep on updating the blog were all reading. Chief