Wednesday, 25 October 2006

Stick to the Right

Okay, so I didn't quite make a week, but 10 days is not bad right?

So last week Friday (27 October) we rented a car for the weekend. We have found a car rental company that has a weekend special, which is 50% off car rentals from Friday to Monday. After insurance and everything, it works out to about $120 (R780). Thus we can 'practise' driving and parking on the weekends. So when driving around, keep repeating the mantra "stick to the right". "Stick to the right" It's not as bad as I thought it would be. When there are other cars around, it's actually easier. When you're alone on the road or on a one-way street, it's easy to forget that important rule ;)

The graduated licensing here means you write a test, get a G1 licence - which is like a SA Learner's licence. You then do a "city road test" which will give you a G2 licence. You then do a "highway road test" in order to get a full driver's licence. The catch is that you have to wait a year between road tests. So, for foreigners (who can drive) to bypass this waiting period, you need to prove you have more than 3 years driving experience in the past 4 years.

After a few e-mails, we managed to get the Dept of Transport to send us the required letters. We submitted our letters f this week, which means we have our 10+ years of previous driving experience added to the Canadian system. We've booked a car again for this weekend. Hopefully we'll be able to go for our actual road test in the next week or so, then we'll have "full" G-class driving licences.

I went for another interview at Company B on Wednesday morning. Have still not heard from Company A. Hopefully Company B will make an offer, then I can perhaps push Company A for an offer, too.

The weather improved slightly - Monday and Tuesday was quite warm (averaging about 12C during the day). Tuesday was Halloween - it's amazing what a special 'holiday' this is here. People really do make an effort of decorating their homes. Not to mention the kids - the little ones are really cute with their outfits. Methinks the bigger kids do an easy costume i.e. just don a black cloak and mask - just for the opportunity to get free candy (sweets) ;)

I've caught a cold and have had the sniffles this whole week. It's gotten cold again today (Friday's forecast is 4C) but expected to warm up to 10C again on Monday. Oh well, at least I have cable, PVR and broadband to keep me entertained while I'm at home recovering.

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